Concert Information

Brenda Mishler



Brenda sings at church services, banquets, nursing homes, senior centers, fairs, benefits, community events,etc.  Contact her for booking or with questions.

Brenda's selections can range from a few songs to an hour or more, based upon your needs/preference.  Generally a concert is about an hour, but she would be happy to perform as little or as long as you would like.  She sings country and southern gospel, hymns, and inspirational country.  If Brenda has sang at your venue and you would like to have her for another performance, but want all different songs, she has the ability to sing 2 to 3 times for the same group without repeating any songs. She is also available for Christmas concerts.

Venue Arrangements:

All Brenda requires is an easily accessible outlet, a small area to perform, and access to the venue 1 hour prior to the performance to set up and do sound check.  She has her own sound system (microphones, monitors, speakers, etc.) An accessible parking space close to the venue to unload equipment would be much appreciated.


You have Brenda's permission to use the information and pictures found on this website for posters, radio announcements, newspaper features, etc. to promote or advertise her concert at your venue. Contact Brenda if you would like her to create a poster for your event. She can mail you the posters or send a PDF document and you can print them yourself. 

Brenda does not charge a fee.  She is more than happy with a love offering or donation of your choosing.